Lucie Salgado

Welcome to Lucie Salgado’s world – an extraordinary collection of artwork formed by this very lady herself! Let’s see what she’s got to say about herself, as well as taking a peek at her WebsiteInstagram and Twitter.

I like to say that I see art as being the same as life.


It’s so easy to find comfort in life, and to find comfort in certain moulded ways of artistic expression is even easier. Still, comfort for me always felt more of a prison than a home. If we’re to spend our lives resisting changes, we’re bound to immerse ourselves into a state of living where the present is just a remake of the past. Every new day brings but more of the same, and more of the same, at least for me, is the definition of boring. In my head, life should be nothing less than an exploration of possibilities, and comfort zones leave little room for those.


The day I decided I wanted to earn myself the title of an artist, I turned to study Art business, and so, I went from books to father google, trying to answer but one question – How to make it as an artist? I then found that the greatest of artists were often those who exceled at something very specific, to which they have dedicated a great share of their lives to. And all those books and art blogs would suggest that was the way to go. If I ever wished to become a well-stablished artist, I was supposed to develop a distinctive style, perhaps master a limited range of techniques, and build a strong brand off my artwork. The easier to classify you, the better – They repeated.

I really wanted to be an artist – and I did exactly as they said. And it worked well… For like a day or two.

What Came First

What happened next is that all the fun that I had found into the arts slowly faded away. I was no longer a person, I became a company, and all you do as a company, whether you like it or not, is money oriented. I deliberately forced myself into fitting a label, one that I could never really fit, and everything just became somewhat of a burden from then. As a consequence, I entered a loop of creative blocks, and not long after, not even money was coming my way.

Later, I realized I had made a great mistake. Still, opposed that what one might assume, my mistake was never deciding to become an artist. My mistake was simply to have allowed others to define what kind of artist I should be.

Figure Study

The art world is not what others paint it to be, I learned. The rules are not exactly strict. There’s room for innovation, experimentation, imagination, and amateurism, even. There’s room for both the obsessive and the chaotic, the logical and the nonsensical, for it’s all about creative expression, and creativity can be expressed through endless means.

Once I realized that, the next step was to accept and embrace the impulsive and chaotic nature of my own creative practice. If Art and life are the same, you may call me the Peter Pan of the artists. It might not always come across, but my creative drive is just like that of a child, and well, I never want to grow old.


Now, my greatest concern is but one – To bring out this child that had been locked within. I don’t know what will happen from now, and honestly, sometimes it’s best not to know. What I really want is to just go crazy, to experiment with all there is, to discover new means of artistic expression, and to make mistakes, even. I want to do all those things a Master – or adults – are never allowed to. Hopefully, the art world will appreciate my honesty, and I’ll then be welcomed in. The greatest part about not knowing what’s going to happen is that anything can happen. A cliché, I know, but it’s true, isn’t it?

Hand of God



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