Scott Keenan

The links and a bit about Scott is already in the post itself, so why don’t you have a read through the following and learn about his crazy concepts…

A Mad Tea Party

My name is Scott and I’m a recent graduate from Cardiff School of Art and Design and currently live in a small village in South Wales.

From a small age I have always loved drawing as well as storytelling and picture books, all of which has had a great impact on my work. I’ve also been fascinated with fantasy, folk and fairy tales from a young age and often find myself exploring similar themes within my work. A more recent visual inspiration, which greatly developed during my time at university, is medieval artwork and paintings.  A visual style that is definitely present within a lot of my own paintings, and something which I am constantly developing and exploring as it is a way of working which I really enjoy and find very comfortable.

Rabbit Hole


The Queen and The Duchess

I love to work with narrative within my work, being a fan of storytelling, and work primarily with traditional mediums such as pencil, ink and watercolours. However, I do like to explore and experiment with other ways of creating artwork and then combing them with the ways in which I already work in order to hopefully create something new.

An example of this is my ‘Wonderland’ project which featured work made from a combination of drawing, painting and screen-printing. With a few of the images in that project, I made simple shapes with key parts cut out of them which I then screen printed to get a flat, bold red colour to use as the basis of my illustration. The next step would then involve filling in the blanks with drawings and paintings, and although this technique was quite tricky and fiddly at first, once I got used to that way of working I found the process very enjoyable. As for the narrative side of the project, the main idea was to retell ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’ by Lewis Carroll in a new and exciting way, something which initially I thought would be very difficult as Alice’s story has been told many times, many different ways and is very iconic and familiar.


Over the last couple of years, I have developed a keen interest in the Romanov Imperial family and the Russian Revolution, and having read several books about the subject and worked on projects based upon it previously, I decided to incorporate this into the story of Alice. With a lot of research and planning, I worked on bringing the narrative of Lewis Carroll’s story as well as the historical and tragic end of the Romanov family together to form one narrative and hopefully managed to bring a familiar story to life in a new way.

The final result of ‘Wonderland’ was a series of illustrations which feature a lot of references, some subtle, some obvious, to both ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’ and the Romanovs and their story.

Selfish Giant

You can see and learn more about my ‘Wonderland’ project as well as my other work on my website, blogtwitter and instagram.




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