Nathalie Moore – Visualisation

Nathalie. Nathalie Moore. A full-time illustrator, designer and creator of all things related to cats!! Check out her own website, blog, twitter, instagram and tumblr

I’m a graphic designer by trade, but an illustrator and crafter at heart. My passions lie within creating imagery and objects that burst with high saturations of colour, juxtaposed with organic strokes and shapes. I am interested in creating work that mixes both analogue and digital techniques.

Tree of Life Mural

Screenprinting as a creative process I particularly enjoy, as it teaches you to construct imagery in a manner that forces you to think carefully and objectively about your composition and colour. It’s not until you actually come to print the work that you will know what the end result will look like. The imperfections and variation in textures are things that just can’t be achieved digitally.

Cats feature prominently in a lot of my current work. I love how each cat has their own individual character and habits. I developed the ‘Natcat’ figurines initially as alternative to Christmas products as a means of creating a product whose lifespan extended beyond the festive period.

Pin and Cake

Strangely as much as I like cats I don’t actually own any of my own because I live in a flat where pets are not allowed. I used this issue as a means to create the Natcats into a solution to this problem as many cat lovers experience the same issues as myself. Each Natcat that I create now comes with it’s own adoption certificate whereby the customer can not only adopt a cat, but also give it a name, which creates a relationship between the artist and the customer.

NatCat Tabby
Christmas Decorations
NatCat in Cali

I create both bespoke Natcats (where the customer provides the specifications) and Natcat collections, that have a specific theme i.e. Christmas, Halloween or sparkle. Many Natcats revel in the opportunity to travel the globe, which is visually documented within my instagram. They have been to Egypt, California and Paris just to name a few places. In the future I hope to collaborate with other creatives to continue to develop the narrative of the cats.

Cuba Screen Print
Pineapple Print
Cocktail Print

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