André Parra – Visualisation

André Parra, an Irish comic artist who is in his prime!! Let André tell you a little about his work, whilst you can also find him on Instagram and Twitter.
From an early age I developed an interest in story telling and illustration. As time passed I began to create characters as well as write my own stories. This interest grew stronger leading to a two year intensive course in Dramatic Arts that gave me multiple skills including character development and fantasy creation.
During this time I continued to draw and write. In 2013 I wrote and illustrated my first children’s book that I self published. Even though my work and graphic style has dramatically developed since, the experience enabled me to determine the direction I wanted for my career.
Since then I have been focusing on my long time passion – children’s stories and
illustrations. I began a Graphic Design degree in 2014, which made me grow as professional. I am currently working on another children’s book that basically tells the story of a young, but courageous girl who befriends a monster in a box. She is a brave independent character that speaks and inspires both boys and girls (visual set as feature).

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