Glug. I’m certain you would’ve heard of this London event group. They run talks and competitions in and around London, as well as many other cities internationally! They have events by creatives directed to other creatives… well I’ll leave Malin Persson, the main driver for strategic development and growth to explain a little more. How would you sum up Glug in a single sentence?

Glug is a global network for creatives, who come together to share insights, inspiration and a beer, or two.


You’re now based in 100 different cities, so how have you found Glug to be received so far?

No, we’re not based in 100 cities yet, but we’re on a mission to be. So far our network has presence in over 20+ creative hubs around the world and we’re super excited to reveal that we’ve got many more opening up in the next coming months…


Where did the name come from and why did you go with it?

The name comes from the notion of being ‘intoxicated with inspiration’. Knowing the guys I think there was also a bit of a relation to the original notion of the verb “Glugging” and how many beers were being consumed, or Glugged, in the early days of Glug…


You’ve had a variety of speakers, all of which are very big names. Which have you found to be the most inspiring, interesting and beautiful thing you’ve found to be?

We’ve had too many to be able to name drop without leaving some good ones out, but memorable talks and inspiring people are in general the ones that you can feel/see/hear are 100% passionate about what they’re talking about. It’s not so much the topic, angle or work that hits home – it’s their genuine passion that does.


In order to process the events and competitions, the employees of Glug need to hold certain assets. What would you say is the top three that you look for and why?

As our team is still pretty small we need all of our team members to be very proactive, social and curious. A good sense of the creative industry and all it entails is very important as well.


How do you put on an event; does one person do the marketing while another sells the tickets?

Here at the HQ we’re all sharing the workload when it comes to the London events so we collectively manage and oversee the production, marketing and sales. However, in other areas of the Glug World we’ve got separate and more focused roles and areas – but for the events we’re all in it to win it.


What, if there is one, is Glug’s motto that you work to?

Our motto, or tag line, or whatever you want to call it is ‘Glug – Championing creativity’. With this we mean that we want to highlight good work, showcase fab companies, connect good people and spread epic inspiration.


It’s great that you have a special relationship with Computer Arts and Creative Bloq, who are bringing their audience to your events as well as opening up the cities that you hold events. Are you going to push this side of Glug any further in the future?

We totally agree – we love the team over at Computer Arts & Creative Bloq, they’re the best bunch. And yes, collaborative partnerships is what we’re most interested in and we’ve got some pretty epic ones under way for the coming year. Not only does it mean that we can activate and engage our audience when we get opportunities for article features etc, it also means that we can tap into a fantastic resource and spread it amongst our Gluggers.


Quick Round Questions!!

Pizza or pasta? Oh, tough one! Pasta.

City or sea? A city by the sea (Singapore and Sydney are my fave cities!)

Talk or competition? I do love a good talk, but am also competitive.

Published book or magazine? I do love a book (and have got many tips if you’d like one!)

Reading or writing? Depends entirely what mood I’m in.

Tea/coffee or water? Water!!!!


Impressive answers from Malin! You can find a Glug event on either their own website or you can connect with Glug on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo and LinkedIn.  


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