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WRK Design. Welcome to Soapbox Press! As a working trio, Andrea Weber and Damoun Tamir (not forgetting Eva Klein) you all come from Germany. From clients as big as Google and Glamour, describe your background and how you came about your creative process today?
Hi, we are Damoun and Andrea and are the founders of WRK Design. After finishing our Bachelor of Arts in Design, we decided to start our own business focused on tactile illustrations. Our philosophy is ‘work offline’; mainly using our hands and minds. Whatever you can imagine, WRK can create it.

Vanessa Paradis.
What or who were your early influences and how has fed into your work?
Tactile Design has always been a big part of our studies. In the early days, we had no major role models to follow. We simply just started doing it, in a purely intuitive way. As a result of working ‘offline’, we decided to use this passion and established our own company, called WRK.
Your artwork is beautiful!! What is the process creating paper work from concept to final?
In a few words:
Idea, concept, “work work work”, finishing the project. 
But we all know that is not how it works. That is not how any of this works. 
More often, it is like this: 
Idea, planning, concept, concept 2, concept 3,… concept 46, start with project, work till midnight, result is good but not perfect, time is running, no sleep, no food, no social life, work even more, finish the project in time, customer is happy, we are happy.
Food Waste.
Phew, that sounds a like a lot of work! So moving on to inspirations, what have been some of your favorite recent projects and collaborations and why?
‘Burgerista’ is a famous fast food store here in Germany. In one of our recent projects we managed to give each store a unique look. The fact, that every customer can see our illustrations and designs every day while eating tasty burgers makes us happy and proud.
Talk to us about your project ‘Goethe Insititut – Mein Goethe Video’ and how the client posed to project to WRK?
The ‘Mein Goethe Video’ contest is an annual video competition and we were asked to make the promotional poster.
The poster aims at language students, inviting them to submit self-made videos. The person with the camera-head and clapperboard is meant to show that the student can be director, actor and film producer all in one.
It means a lot to us, that the ‘Goethe Institut’ has so much confidence in our illustrations. 
Geothe Institut.
How do you go about exploring your new clients?
Working together with our agent plays a major role in finding new clients. We although use social media like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to promote our work and attract new customers. 
How is it collaborating as a studio? Do you divide the workload between the three of you?
After brainstorming together, we estimate the amount of workload and try to focus on our different strengths and weaknesses. We try to work together in every part of the project. That guarantees that each member of the team can learn from the other and get better over time.
Who makes the best tea out of all of WRK?
Drinking tea is something we do after our work is done. Black coffee is our elixir of life. Tee is more like a reward after a long day full of ‘work, work, work’. 
Freedom of the Press.
Quick round questions…
Tea, coffee or herbal tea? Coffee during work, tea after work.
International or German projects? We work for and with everyone around the world.
Main tools used for the paperwork? Scalpel, glue and a lot of passion.

You can find WRK Design online as well as connecting with them and following their projects through Instagram too.

Adobe Photoshop PDF
Charles Bukowski

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