A platform for the student’s creative voice.

Soapbox Press is an independent publishing company created in early 2012 by Emily Cotton, Nicola Manuel, Hannah Astill and Bronwen Rees.

During their studies they found that the focus of art and design was generally on the final product whereas what they really valued was the thought process behind their work.

With this in mind, the Soapbox Press website is used to generate and showcase exciting articles, interviews, book reviews and visuals from many creative institutes. Making sure that each subject is truly explored in depth.

They have also published three books with two more on the way (but they have to keep quiet about those for now!)

Photography credit: Darragh Casey

Meet the team (L-R) Emily, Bronwen, Hannah and Nicola, a lovely bunch of young adults keen to hear your voice about the arts. As a platform for the creative voice they look for talent from students and graduates to help contribute to their publishing team and boy, what a team they are. Have a gander down at who they are and what they do.

Emily Cotton: Co-Founder

Emily always finds the opportunities in a situation. This involves getting highly excited about lots of ideas and then having to evolve them into realistic actions. She has worked for several publishing houses, the BBC, Rankin Photography and Cinimod Studio. Likes: Jigsaws, costume dramas and pretty much everything deemed as boring. Dislikes: Being cold.

Bronwen Rees: Creative Director

Bronwen enjoys translating the team’s enthusiasm into beautiful and exciting design; one of her main areas of interest is typography and how it can give a personality and meaning to the design. It’s not just design though, Bronwen is a little bit of a sports freak and fills her spare time with playing netball, running and cycling.

Hannah Astill: Editor

Hannah’s has great editorial experience – which basically means she loves nothing more than celebrity gossip, good grammar and long words (helpful considering she’s Editor). Three of her favourite things in life are reading, tea and sarcasm (aside from soapbox obviously). Her dream is to write a book or appear on Strictly – whichever happens first.

Nicola Manuel: Co-Founder

Nicola leads a fascination in illustration, writing and reading. One day she will end up collecting all of the Penguin classics… She enjoys working with illustration, having become a successful agent at Folio. Her favourite things in life? Talking to new people, the colour orange and writing to-do lists. Dislikes? Butter.