Jemini Pankhania

We know Jem from studying with her in Winchester School of Art, four years ago! Jem and myself (Nicola) were both in illustration but that didn’t stop up from going in to a creative job. Now? She’s living on the other side of the world and creating… well, that’d ruin this piece. Over to you Jem. You can also find Jem’s work on her Instagram

From a very young age I’ve had a passion for making things, and over the years I’ve taught myself many different crafts. Whilst I was studying ‘Illustration’ at Winchester School of Art, I found myself exploring ‘The Handmade’ and established that I have this passion for crafts because I value the sentiment that a handmade object holds.


Work in Process

Not long after graduating I moved to beautiful Sydney. My partner was sponsored for work, and I went along too. Four years on I’m now a resident and a budding ceramicist. Not knowing how to start a creative career has been a struggle to say the least. I’ve always enjoyed too many things, and I guess you could say I’m a jack-of-all-trades but master of none. But, then came something new.

Last July, the peak of Australian winter I needed a hobby, something to do until beach season arrived again. I’d always wanted to do wheel thrown pottery, and just hadn’t got around to doing so. I did my research and found a beginner class in the heart of Surry Hills, which in London geography is Sydney’s Brick Lane. It was at the Pottery Shed where I learnt the basics, three weeks, and two finished pots to show.

First Throwing

The basics of pottery involve throwing, which is making the basic shape on the pottery wheel, my favourite part! Trimming, which is where the base of the pot is shaped, and excess clay shaved off. Then finished by the most terrifying part of all, the glazing. It’s at this stage where its make or break, will the glaze be what I hope for? You just never know; which is why I’m currently making test bricks. Lots of little chunks of clay dipped in each glaze for my own set of colour swatches.

It’s in the throwing stage that I get the most satisfaction. There’s something so therapeutic about the feel of the clay, the motion of the wheel spinning and symmetry of the clay as the shape is formed. Of course it took time to get to this stage, after having many mugs turn into sauce ramekins and bowls flop into an unstable heap. I can now say that each throwing is usually quite the success.

Lilac Bowl

Soon I hope to sell my pots, I plan to set up and Etsy store in the up and coming months. From there, gage the interest, get some feedback and do occasional markets. I can’t wait to get to this stage, I’ve always been a ‘market girl’ and feel they always have such a sense of community and Sydney is great for this. People are so friendly and Aussie’s love supporting local businesses.

Maybe one day I’ll be able to quit my day job and live The Dream. I’ve always said I’d love to make things and sell them. The problem was there was never a thing I could set my mind on. But I feel like I’ve found my calling, and funnily enough my family name Pankhania which originates from India derives from a term meaning one who works as a Potter. So maybe its ‘meant to be’ and one day I’ll have my own little studio, make, sell and along side have an espresso bar. I’d love to run workshops and classes and share my love of making with others. But until then I’m content to making for family and friends and soon enough hopefully take orders.



André Parra – Visualisation

André Parra, an Irish comic artist who is in his prime!! Let André tell you a little about his work, whilst you can also find him on Instagram and Twitter.
From an early age I developed an interest in story telling and illustration. As time passed I began to create characters as well as write my own stories. This interest grew stronger leading to a two year intensive course in Dramatic Arts that gave me multiple skills including character development and fantasy creation.
During this time I continued to draw and write. In 2013 I wrote and illustrated my first children’s book that I self published. Even though my work and graphic style has dramatically developed since, the experience enabled me to determine the direction I wanted for my career.
Since then I have been focusing on my long time passion – children’s stories and
illustrations. I began a Graphic Design degree in 2014, which made me grow as professional. I am currently working on another children’s book that basically tells the story of a young, but courageous girl who befriends a monster in a box. She is a brave independent character that speaks and inspires both boys and girls (visual set as feature).

Nathalie Moore – Visualisation

Nathalie. Nathalie Moore. A full-time illustrator, designer and creator of all things related to cats!! Check out her own website, blog, twitter, instagram and tumblr

I’m a graphic designer by trade, but an illustrator and crafter at heart. My passions lie within creating imagery and objects that burst with high saturations of colour, juxtaposed with organic strokes and shapes. I am interested in creating work that mixes both analogue and digital techniques.

Tree of Life Mural

Screenprinting as a creative process I particularly enjoy, as it teaches you to construct imagery in a manner that forces you to think carefully and objectively about your composition and colour. It’s not until you actually come to print the work that you will know what the end result will look like. The imperfections and variation in textures are things that just can’t be achieved digitally.

Cats feature prominently in a lot of my current work. I love how each cat has their own individual character and habits. I developed the ‘Natcat’ figurines initially as alternative to Christmas products as a means of creating a product whose lifespan extended beyond the festive period.

Pin and Cake

Strangely as much as I like cats I don’t actually own any of my own because I live in a flat where pets are not allowed. I used this issue as a means to create the Natcats into a solution to this problem as many cat lovers experience the same issues as myself. Each Natcat that I create now comes with it’s own adoption certificate whereby the customer can not only adopt a cat, but also give it a name, which creates a relationship between the artist and the customer.

NatCat Tabby
Christmas Decorations
NatCat in Cali

I create both bespoke Natcats (where the customer provides the specifications) and Natcat collections, that have a specific theme i.e. Christmas, Halloween or sparkle. Many Natcats revel in the opportunity to travel the globe, which is visually documented within my instagram. They have been to Egypt, California and Paris just to name a few places. In the future I hope to collaborate with other creatives to continue to develop the narrative of the cats.

Cuba Screen Print
Pineapple Print
Cocktail Print

Scott Keenan

The links and a bit about Scott is already in the post itself, so why don’t you have a read through the following and learn about his crazy concepts…

A Mad Tea Party

My name is Scott and I’m a recent graduate from Cardiff School of Art and Design and currently live in a small village in South Wales.

From a small age I have always loved drawing as well as storytelling and picture books, all of which has had a great impact on my work. I’ve also been fascinated with fantasy, folk and fairy tales from a young age and often find myself exploring similar themes within my work. A more recent visual inspiration, which greatly developed during my time at university, is medieval artwork and paintings.  A visual style that is definitely present within a lot of my own paintings, and something which I am constantly developing and exploring as it is a way of working which I really enjoy and find very comfortable.

Rabbit Hole


The Queen and The Duchess

I love to work with narrative within my work, being a fan of storytelling, and work primarily with traditional mediums such as pencil, ink and watercolours. However, I do like to explore and experiment with other ways of creating artwork and then combing them with the ways in which I already work in order to hopefully create something new.

An example of this is my ‘Wonderland’ project which featured work made from a combination of drawing, painting and screen-printing. With a few of the images in that project, I made simple shapes with key parts cut out of them which I then screen printed to get a flat, bold red colour to use as the basis of my illustration. The next step would then involve filling in the blanks with drawings and paintings, and although this technique was quite tricky and fiddly at first, once I got used to that way of working I found the process very enjoyable. As for the narrative side of the project, the main idea was to retell ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’ by Lewis Carroll in a new and exciting way, something which initially I thought would be very difficult as Alice’s story has been told many times, many different ways and is very iconic and familiar.


Over the last couple of years, I have developed a keen interest in the Romanov Imperial family and the Russian Revolution, and having read several books about the subject and worked on projects based upon it previously, I decided to incorporate this into the story of Alice. With a lot of research and planning, I worked on bringing the narrative of Lewis Carroll’s story as well as the historical and tragic end of the Romanov family together to form one narrative and hopefully managed to bring a familiar story to life in a new way.

The final result of ‘Wonderland’ was a series of illustrations which feature a lot of references, some subtle, some obvious, to both ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’ and the Romanovs and their story.

Selfish Giant

You can see and learn more about my ‘Wonderland’ project as well as my other work on my website, blogtwitter and instagram.



Lucie Salgado

Welcome to Lucie Salgado’s world – an extraordinary collection of artwork formed by this very lady herself! Let’s see what she’s got to say about herself, as well as taking a peek at her WebsiteInstagram and Twitter.

I like to say that I see art as being the same as life.


It’s so easy to find comfort in life, and to find comfort in certain moulded ways of artistic expression is even easier. Still, comfort for me always felt more of a prison than a home. If we’re to spend our lives resisting changes, we’re bound to immerse ourselves into a state of living where the present is just a remake of the past. Every new day brings but more of the same, and more of the same, at least for me, is the definition of boring. In my head, life should be nothing less than an exploration of possibilities, and comfort zones leave little room for those.


The day I decided I wanted to earn myself the title of an artist, I turned to study Art business, and so, I went from books to father google, trying to answer but one question – How to make it as an artist? I then found that the greatest of artists were often those who exceled at something very specific, to which they have dedicated a great share of their lives to. And all those books and art blogs would suggest that was the way to go. If I ever wished to become a well-stablished artist, I was supposed to develop a distinctive style, perhaps master a limited range of techniques, and build a strong brand off my artwork. The easier to classify you, the better – They repeated.

I really wanted to be an artist – and I did exactly as they said. And it worked well… For like a day or two.

What Came First

What happened next is that all the fun that I had found into the arts slowly faded away. I was no longer a person, I became a company, and all you do as a company, whether you like it or not, is money oriented. I deliberately forced myself into fitting a label, one that I could never really fit, and everything just became somewhat of a burden from then. As a consequence, I entered a loop of creative blocks, and not long after, not even money was coming my way.

Later, I realized I had made a great mistake. Still, opposed that what one might assume, my mistake was never deciding to become an artist. My mistake was simply to have allowed others to define what kind of artist I should be.

Figure Study

The art world is not what others paint it to be, I learned. The rules are not exactly strict. There’s room for innovation, experimentation, imagination, and amateurism, even. There’s room for both the obsessive and the chaotic, the logical and the nonsensical, for it’s all about creative expression, and creativity can be expressed through endless means.

Once I realized that, the next step was to accept and embrace the impulsive and chaotic nature of my own creative practice. If Art and life are the same, you may call me the Peter Pan of the artists. It might not always come across, but my creative drive is just like that of a child, and well, I never want to grow old.


Now, my greatest concern is but one – To bring out this child that had been locked within. I don’t know what will happen from now, and honestly, sometimes it’s best not to know. What I really want is to just go crazy, to experiment with all there is, to discover new means of artistic expression, and to make mistakes, even. I want to do all those things a Master – or adults – are never allowed to. Hopefully, the art world will appreciate my honesty, and I’ll then be welcomed in. The greatest part about not knowing what’s going to happen is that anything can happen. A cliché, I know, but it’s true, isn’t it?

Hand of God



Carmen Picada – Visualisation

“Like a revelation, I discovered that I had no interest in dressing bodies, but in undressing them. I felt I needed to deconstruct and reach their volumes with my fingers and my pencils.” Introducing the wonderful Carmen… You can find her work on her Website, as well as on Instagram and Facebook. Enjoy!

I draw what I’m drawn to. I surround myself with what I’m drawn to. I draw what surrounds me.

If I had to define these things that surround me, that attract me, that I draw, I could say:

A random layout of objects created spontaneously without my intervention. When you observe, you see. I can see plenty of drawable scenes around me all the time. It’s cheap and democratic.


People that mean something to me. Friends, family, lovers, partners and ex partners. People that I can touch by simply reaching my hand out or people that are not physically close (sometimes they don’t even exist physically any more), but I keep them in mind.


People from the audiovisual industry. Actors and actresses that I admire. Actors and actresses that I desire. Characters from movies or TV series that fascinate me. Scenes from movies that trap me because of their beauty or their touching lines. It’s the same with singers. Actually, it’s a shame I don’t know how to draw music because it’s very present in my life. Music is with me at all times. Maybe one day I shall give it a try.


My work is 100% made by hand. No, there is no digital work in it. I’m not much into technology and drawing for me is like an act of refuge in which I need to feel comfortable. As technology makes me feel uncomfortable, I don’t want it for drawing.

Mistakes are what make hand drawing a unique experience. I try to assimilate mistakes, try to turn them into a singularity. This is the big challenge. When you make a line longer than it should be, when your marker releases too much ink, when you spoil a clean and immaculate part of your drawing with a finger that you didn’t even know was touching the paper surface. There is no undo, no CTRL+Z here. You just have to find out a creative way to hide them, if they are really disastrous, or simply let them be. They remind me that, as the beautiful lines, they also are an essential part of what I do.



Ferne Xie

Ferne Xie, introducing the lovely lady herself. Welcome to her world of all things cats!! Did you hear about the cat who swallowed a ball of wool? She had mittens…

Follow Ferne and her work through the social media sites (InstagramFacebook and Twitter) and Website and enjoy.

Fluffy Hug


My name is Ferne, or known as Squarefetish on Instagram and I currently reside in Paris. I studied architecture at Columbia University in the city of New York and it was awesome. I have been working as an architect in America, Germany and China, my nomad years showed me lots of wonders and gave me great joy. I would love to keep on moving.


Ever since I lost my cat I have been drawing cats and whatnot as part of my grieving process. My illustrations of cats are all loving memories of my old cat MAOJI and she would forever serve as my heroine.

Hot Bath

I have still not yet established my personal style to the extend that I am fully happy with, especially with human figures. Of course I know how to draw eyes but I somehow ended up always drawing them with eyes shut, I can feel the restriction of emotion, might has something to do with my background as an architect, I don’t know. I am looking forward to breaking my boundaries and being more expressive with my brush strokes.

Orange Tea

My freelance illustrator career journey has just began and so far I’m thoroughly enjoying it! I have worked on Branding for a cat cafe and I would love to expand my line of works in the future.

Summer Forest