The Fickle Grey Beast

“The Fickle Grey Beast invites submissions for prospective publication. Subject matter must be interesting—better yet, compelling and/or provocative—to our target reader. The writing should be unique: in factual content, in perspective, or in its viewpoint on the subject. Whatever its style, the prose should be felicitous and free from … error.”

Between 2011 and 2014, Walter Wells – a scholar and lecturer – managed a monthly online journal, named, thanks to Wells’ typically sharp wit, as ‘The Fickle Grey Beast’ after our most fascinating organ, the brain.

Any other online journal might easily have been chewed up and swallowed by the saturated-to-bursting Internet space. But not so with Wells’ Beast, which quickly and consistently built an ever-expanding readership, authorship and renown – not only for its excellent content, but also for its range of content.

Indeed, the range of subjects covered by the online journal included, but was in no way limited to, History, the Arts, International Affairs, Literature, Film, Philosophy, Sociology and Science. Such breadth is a direct reflection of Walter’s own expansive, all-encompassing interest in the world, its people and its events, and his passion in making such information available to a wider audience.

This collection of essays, published by Soapbox Press, joins together some of the highlights of that online journal, in celebration of its fascinating content and wonderful contributors – all of them established in their respective fields – for anyone with an interest in life, learning and brilliant writing. Whether it’s dipped into or digested entirely in one satisfactory go, The Fickle Grey Beast promises a superb read and, most importantly, a fitting tribute to the man at the heart of the Beast, the late, great Walter Wells.