This Way Up


This Way Up

Cover image by Ellie Geary & Nicola Manuel

Following the success of the Winchester Journals, we formed a large expansion of writers, interviews, reviews and visualisation posts which we have shared through this commemorative digital book. Our second publication to celebrate our first birthday!

Hannah Kemp WelchHannah AstillDimitra Gijca, Olu-Niyi AwosusiDanny AldredDarragh CaseySarah DimechRobert-Sae HengJessica OliverArt School DiscoTom JayDavid Keeping & Lily Rossiter.

Introduction Page – This Way Up
Contents – This Way Up
Danny Aldred – Interview
Darragh Casey – Interview
David Keeping – Visualisation

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  1. well done guys, seriously, to come from being just a group of students with a shared to dream to have achieved this, your second publication, is a really fantastic thing to have done 🙂 been great being a part of your site 🙂

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